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Ceramic dildos

Ceramic dildos

There are no hard and fast rules in the amount of time to replace a dildo. Some users have kept them for as long as they are functional and not physically damaged. The longevity of a dildo ultimately depends on two factors: 1), the type of material used to manufacture it, and 2), the proper care and maintenance an owner will put to it.

As for material used, longer lasting products are made of silicon, glass, or metal. However, glass and metal dildos often do not give the best sexual pleasure that silicon types provide because of their unnatural hardness and texture.

Glass or crystal types are the easiest to clean and maintain, and they usually last the longest. They are not porous like wood, latex, or jelly, so bacterial growth is inhibited. They are also not susceptible to rust and extreme temperatures like the metal type.

If you are looking for a combination of durability and enjoyment, it is best to use the silicon type, though. Many users have given good reviews on the value of this type.

Caring for your dildo is a very important factor to increase its lifespan no matter what make it is. Bacterial buildup is the main culprit of dildo deterioration, so throw it away after a few months if you haven’t cleaned it properly and flawlessly. There will also be obvious signs of wear and tear signaling if a dildo is ready to be replaced or not.

Here are some tips on how to care for your dildo properly:

1. Cleaning a dildo depends on the material it is made of. Usually, antibacterial soap and warm water will suffice. You can also use a condom every time you use it to make it easier to clean. Here are some types of dildos and how to clean them:

Silicon – Aside from soap and water, they are also safe to boil or bleach. You can even run them through your dishwasher.

Latex or Jelly – Use soap and water only. Rubber reacts harmfully with alcohol and other cleaning chemicals. It is best to use with a condom every time.

Glass – Just soap and water. It can also be sterilized similar to silicon.

Metal – Same as glass and silicon.

Plastic – Soap and water. You can sterilize with alcohol.

Cyberskin – Use a very small amount of alcohol. You can’t use soap as it will degrade the material.

2. For better results, use approved sex toy cleaners. They are easy to use, affordable and readily available in the market.

3. Proper storage is also vital to preserve a dildo. Do not store them touching each other. Avoid placing them in extreme temperatures as some dildos are known to melt. Keep them secured and inaccessible to children or household pets.

As long as they are well-maintained and kept uncontaminated, dildos can last for a very long time. If the product shows noticeable signs of degradation, which shouldn’t take place under normal circumstances, replace them immediately.



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